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2017 Trends: Naked Cakes

June 26, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

More and more couples are hopping on board the naked cake bandwagon. These trendy confections shake up the traditional wedding cake by leaving the frosting and fondant behind! This lets the natural beauty of the cakes show through, transforming the layers themselves into art rather than a mere base. Artfully selected decorations, settings, and toppings provide endless options for chic elegance, and foregoing the frosting means you can experiment with all sorts of flavors without worrying about finding a frosting flavor to match! But is this trend right for you? We’ve gathered a few cake ideas below for you to consider.

Naked Floral Cheesecake

Delicate petals of edible flowers form the dainty decorations on this no-bake white-chocolate-mousse cheesecake. The vibrant colors of pansies and dianthus pop against the stark white base of the cake, bringing a new meaning to the term ‘natural beauty’.

Chocolate and Strawberry Delight

This three-tiered cake is a beauty to behold. Layers of decadent chocolate cake filled with a light and fluffy strawberry mousse make for a stunning contrast that makes a statement all on its own. A light spread of chocolate frosting at the top of each tier and decorations of berries dusted with powdered sugar add the perfect final touch.

Bold Blooms

Here, the cake serves as a backdrop for the cascade of blossoms and seeded eucalyptus used as decorations. The neutral palette of colors in the layers of cake and filling make for an easily customizable creation that can accommodate a wide range of flowers and greenery depending on your taste.

Honeycomb Petits Fours

While not truly a cake in the traditional sense, these adorable hexagonal petits fours are cut from an orange pound cake, then soaked in a glaze of brown sugar, honey, and butter for a rich, sweet, bite-sized treat. Top with whipped cream and candied kumquat slices for a delicious addition to a dessert buffet.

Which cake is your favorite? Happy planning….and eating!

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