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How to use donuts at your wedding

2017 Wedding Trends: Donuts

July 17, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

There are few people in this world who don’t enjoy a good donut, and your wedding guests are no exception! From donut bars to donut cakes, this tasty trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Read through these tips and tricks to turn your favorite treat into an elegant touch on your wedding day.

Donut Rings

You don’t have to wait until your big day to bring in the donuts. Serve these adorable donut “rings” at your engagement party or bridal shower. They might not sparkle as much as your new bling, but they’ll taste way better. Plus, this simple DIY is hard to mess up, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming the next Pinterest-fail.

Donut Bars

Set up an assortment of donuts and toppings, and let your guests make their own donut creation. You can use a variety of caked donuts, glazed donuts, filled donuts, and all kinds of toppings, including sprinkles, fruit, candy, syrups, coconut, and nuts. Your guests will have a blast channeling their inner chef, and you can rest assured that everyone will find a flavor they like.

Donut Cakes

If you like the idea of cake, but you don’t like cake, this one’s for you. Arrange your donuts in a wedding-cake fashion like this one or this one.

You can even order donuts to match your wedding colors. Consider an ombré cake or glittery donuts to accent your color scheme.

Donut Walls

If a tower of donuts isn’t enough, create an entire wall of donuts at your reception. This show-stopper is fun and efficient, allowing your guests to quickly grab their favorite flavor and get right back to the dance floor.                        

Donut Holes

Don’t feel like you have to leave the center out. Use cups of donuts holes as your wedding dessert, instead of or in addition to your wedding cake. Make this dessert even better by serving it with milk.

Donut Bonus

Everyone knows the bride and groom rarely eat at their own reception. But if you have donuts at your reception, you have no need to worry. It is so easy to take a box – or two! – of leftover donuts when you newlyweds make your escape. You know you’ll be starving!

Donuts aren’t just for kids. If you’re a donut lover, they should be part of your big day. Your guests will thank you, and, more importantly, you will thank you.

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