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2017 Trends: Charity Registries

February 13, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

We’re in our second month of 2017 now, and that means 2017 wedding trends are happening right now! This week, we’re focusing on a new trend, a philanthropic twist on traditional gift registries—charity registries.

There are a few reasons this trend is growing in fashion. For one, more and more couples are marrying later in life when they already have a house or apartment of their own, making traditional ‘housewarming’ gifts less necessary. For another, many couples are becoming more socially conscious, and oftentimes couples will choose charities they have a personal connection to in some way.

The premise of a charity registry is simple. Rather than compiling a list of gifts for your wedding registry, you can request that your guests instead donate to a charitable organization of your choice (or give them a few options to pick from). The I Do Foundation lets you and your significant other set up a charity registry with ease. You can pick from a number of different nonprofits featured right on their site, or if none of those suit your liking, try reaching out directly to the organization to see if they can accommodate you.

If you’d rather stick with a more traditional registry, you can still incorporate charity into your wedding in a number of ways. It’s fairly easy to incorporate a link to the donation page of your favorite charity directly into your online registry. Along with that option, this site provides an extensive list of ideas to inspire you. Some of our favorites include:

Charity Favors

One option is to give each of your guests a card in lieu of (or alongside) more traditional favors, letting them know that you have made a donation in their name to charity. If you have an organization in mind, reach out to them! They’d undoubtedly love to help you accomplish that goal.

Rent a Nonprofit Venue

Do you have a favorite museum or historical site? Maybe there’s a local butterfly garden that enchanted you as a child (and maybe still does as an adult). Consider renting space from places like these to hold your ceremony. The site fee will go towards helping something you love continue on, and you’ll gain a memorable and unique venue for your ceremony.

Reuse Flowers

Rather than tossing all the lovely blooms from your wedding in the trash after your day is completed, use them to brighten someone else’s day! Check with local nursing homes or hospitals to see if you can donate your flowers after the reception is over. Then, ask a trusted friend or family member to deliver them for you (or gather your party and go together).

Will you be incorporating this new trend into your big day? What’s your favorite charity?

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