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2016 Wedding Trends: Elaborate Wedding Videos

January 25, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

If you’re planning a wedding, then chances are you’ve heard this piece of advice by now—Try to capture every moment.

But how is that possible when you know the day will inevitably pass by in a flurry of moments that won’t slow down?

It’s possible because, in today’s digital era, wedding photographers and videographers are more than capable of capturing those moments. Then they deliver a neat, shareable montage of images and video that lets you relive all your favorites of the day—and even the times you missed.

Trending as the Elaborate Wedding Video, this highlights reel is compatible with social media, set to music, and tells your story in a unique, modern way.

While you will still want the ceremony captured in its entirety (even those laughable mishaps!), a video like this will save you from literally reliving all twelve hours of the day and enable your videographer to capture snippets and fuse them together as the best, sweetest reminders of the day.

Six Simple Tips for an Elaborate Wedding Video

  1. Be specific. Know the file sizes you will need for uploading to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr.
  2. Determine length. If you want the full ceremony, tell your vendor. If you only want certain scenes, make a list. Discuss how long you want each aspect of the video to be (i.e. full ceremony, highlight reel, getting ready montage).
  3. Meet with your videographer in person and at the venue. If possible, have them come at the same time of day as your event so they can assess lighting and angles. Ask them to attend your rehearsal. Not only will there be moments there you want to preserve, this will give them the best sense of how the day will unfold.
  4. Ask your videographer about non-traditional shots using aerial drones or a Go-Pro camera. You’ll glimpse the day from an entirely different perspective.
  5. Consider a virtual guestbook and have the videographer film the well-wishes and congratulations of your family and friends. You’ll get all the emphasis, tears, and laughter that comes with everyone’s special greeting instead of just their name on a roster.
  6. Discuss your expectations. Make sure you know what, how, and when your videographer delivers. Also be positive you know what you want and get it in writing with a contract. Do you want a montage video for sharing within 24-48 hours? Highlights reel of getting ready/ceremony to show during the reception? Complete edited video in digital and hard copy format within a month?

Communication is key for an elaborate wedding video—and a happy marriage.


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