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2016 Wedding Trends: Brunch Style Weddings

February 29, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

In our post from last week, we talked about having a family style wedding dinner for your wedding. This week, we are changing it up and about a new wedding trend — brunch weddings.

Three reasons a morning wedding with a brunch reception might be for you:

  1. You’re early risers and so are most of your wedding party.
  1. Your favorite meal is breakfast.
  1. You want an elegant—but casual—event.

Bring on the bacon.

Brunch weddings are trending as a less expensive, but just as classy, alternative to cocktail receptions or seated dinners. They work because everyone loves breakfast, and as long as there’s plenty of coffee, no one’s worried about a 10 a.m. ceremony.

This wedding style is unique and allows you the opportunity to embrace elegance with less formality. Décor should be simple; it’s morning after all. You can dress yourself and wedding party as up—or down—as you prefer. Favors take a whole new turn as couples play off morning favorites. Think custom coffee sleeves, crosswords as place cards, and programs mimicking your morning news—or your favorite breakfast cereal. Then there’s the food…

Brunch options are endless from swanky and sophisticated (smoked salmon and crepes) to hearty and comforting (muffins and quiche).  You can go plated, family style, or buffet. Servers can pass yogurt parfaits or pancake lollipops. Waffles can be heart-shaped, donuts can have glitter, and who wouldn’t enjoy a cereal bar?

Often, the bride and groom worry about pleasing their guests with an elaborate menu, but brunch is a natural pleaser to even the most finicky of palates. It’s less expensive, too, but looks just as refined.

Be sure to talk to your caterer, venue, and wedding party to make sure this is an option, then, go get a plate of pancakes and plan your perfect day.

Or morning, rather.

Don’t forget to book the honeymoon—by going for brunch, you can leave all the earlier.

Now, pass the syrup.

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