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2016 Wedding Trends: Boho Chic

February 1, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Described as “gypsy meets hippie” and “music fest inspired”, the Boho Chic trend is here to stay with its emphasis on flowers, fabrics, and the relaxed vibe any couple wants for their wedding day.

Think wildflowers in a field and twinkle lights in the trees. Bright pops of turquoise, red, and yellow among earthy tones of green and bronze. Acoustic guitars, simple bouquets, and flowing dresses.

But Boho has become more than daisy crowns and bell sleeves.

Evoking a dreamy, whimsical impression, these bohemian characteristics offer a romantic and delightful day.


Boho Chic defines itself with flowers. Traditionally woven through the hair of the bride and attendants and then carried as simple bouquets, flowers are now appearing as chandeliers, table runners, and gracing arbors under which vows are made. While the wildflower look remains popular, florists are stretching the trend with succulents and feathers creating a new look unique to each couple.


As simple as a backyard or as elaborate as a mountainside venue, Boho Chic weddings rely on the beauty of the great outdoors to compliment the wedding in every way. Brides are embracing picnic style receptions over staid sit-downs and erecting tipis and lounge areas for guests to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Accessories and Attire

This wedding is all about comfort meeting style. Dresses are meant to flow and move, guys should be casual (no sweating in suit coats), and accessories should abound. Bracelets, long necklaces, dangly earrings, feathers, beautiful beadwork, and plenty of turquoise give you the opportunity to show off your own personal preferences.

Artistic Qualities

Handmade and homemade from favors to décor, this wedding style lets you show off your artistic talents—or those of your friends and family. Hand-painted cakes are hot this year and ensure the uniqueness of this wedding tradition. Consider floral motifs, hand woven linens or accents, batik fabrics, or using pottery for serving dishes and arrangements to give your wedding artistic flair.

When your Boho Chic wedding is nearly done, settle back in an area made for lounging and savor the sweetness of your special day.

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