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2015 Wedding Trends: DIY

April 21, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Wedding season is upon us—not only here at the Ranch, but around the world as holiday engagements become late spring and early summer nuptials. We welcome the new season of beautiful ceremonies, receptions and bridal parties. We truly enjoy working our brides and love getting to know each of them as they plan their big day. As we gear up for another season of matrimony, join us for a sneak peek at some of our favorite wedding trends we’re seeing this season.

Trend #1: DIY Weddings
DIY Brides, you know who you are. You’re full of creativity, want your personal touch on every detail of your wedding, and have a well stocked library of Pinterest boards full of ideas to make it all happen. You’ve probably even enlisted a small army of bridemaids, family and friends to help bring all your ideas to life. If you’re still not sure if you’re a DIY Bride, see if any of these things describe your wedding:

You might be a DYI Bride if…

  • Your guests get to keep their mason jar
  • You plan to walk down a burlap aisle runner
  • A tree stump will be anywhere in your centerpiece
  • Hand drawn signs will point the way to your ceremony and/or reception
  • Yard games will be present at any point
  • There will be pie/cupcakes/cookies/donuts or any other kind of 5-tier cake substitute
  • Succulents will decorate your reception space
  • Your guests will set on something other than chairs
  • Your bridesmaids will each wear a different dress

Our DIY brides have been known for a relaxed minimalism that lets their personality shine through. The details, the formality and the tradition don’t bog them down. They create their own traditions and thus, are left with an incredibly memorable day with their signature styles on every last detail.

The name says it all: DIY is such a popular trend because the control lies solely in the hands of the bride and her trusted friends. And what is the one thing any bride wants, aside from the rapid passing of time until her big day? Control. DIY answers that call by allowing space for creativity and personalization.

Whether you choose traditional or trendy, mason jars or champagne flutes, own it! Let your personsality and your love story shine throughout all you do. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Cheers to a DIY Bride:
1. Cost effective
2. Creative control
3. Inspiration is everywhere
4. Ability to personalize
5. Helping hands abound

Cautions to a DIY Bride:
1. Time consuming
2. Detail oriented
3. Very popular
4. Pinterest fails (we’ve all seen ‘em)
5. Lots must be done last minute

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