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10 Tips for Your Summer Wedding

June 7, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

The summer months are prime wedding dates—and for good reason! Long, balmy days and the beauty of nature make for gorgeous outdoor ceremonies. But the sunshine and warmth bring with them their own challenges. Keep these ten tips in mind to make the most of your summer wedding!

Offer ways to beat the heat.

Printing programs on fans, setting up tables beneath shade trees, or even providing a bit of air conditioning are all great ways to give your guests an escape from the summer sun.

Provide chilled towels.

This little touch is both incredibly simple and incredibly refreshing. Keeping a container of chilled towelettes on hand gives your guests a quick and easy way to keep themselves cool during the ceremony.

Make sure you have plenty of icy drink options.

Chilled iced tea, refreshing lemonade, minty mixed drinks, and cold water all make great options to keep guests both comfortable and hydrated.

Keep refreshments light.

Heavy food and heat don’t mix well. Keep your guests happy and satiated by offering lighter fare such as fruit kabobs, grilled chicken or fish, tarts, and gazpacho.

Go easy on the dress code.

If your wedding is outdoors, stick to a more casual dress code for the guests, and lightweight or gauzy fabrics for the bridal party. There’s no need for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to sweat it out in sheath dresses and suit jackets—and the same goes for the bride and groom!

Prevent sunburns and bug bites.

Offer bug spray and sunscreen wipes on site to help your guests—and yourselves—ward off UV rays and insect attacks.

Send save-the-dates early.

Summer is a prime time for family vacations, so you want to make sure that your guests have plenty of notice to put your big day on their calendar!

Avoid toasted buns.

Whatever you do, don’t use metal chairs!

Keep colors seasonal.

Save heavy colors like maroon and evergreen for winter weddings—instead, draw inspiration from the colors of the season to keep things from feeling out of balance.

Time the ceremony appropriately.

It’s best to avoid the hottest hours of the day when planning your wedding—10am – 3pm. Consider setting your dinner to coincide with the sunset, and planning the rest of your ceremony accordingly.


Happy planning!

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